Heretic : The Dark Instinct Series Book 2


THE STUNNING SEQUEL TO STARGAZER/THE QUEEN OF DARKNESS The Stargazer capital Xanadu has been destroyed. The immortal ruler of vampires, The MoonQueen, has been vanquished. Humanity has been liberated after a brutal revolution. The source of all of this is the dark heroism of Byron Solsbury, prophesized Liberator and Stargazer Heretic. Now comes the difficult part. Accompanied by his ally Proxos and soul mate Medea, Byron will risk radioactive wastelands and its horrors in a quest to infiltrate New Atlantis, the last remaining Stargazer city. The reasons are twofold: to find the cure for the Killer of Giants-the only disease harmful to vampires-that has mortally infected Medea; and to oversee the destruction of the metropolis and end the Stargazer Empire once and for all. Within this high-tech structure, Byron will encounter the dreaded Forgotten-vampires that were never human to begin with, as well as their godly allies. It will take all of his skills to counter their razor agendas. Eventually he must face the ruler of New Atlantis-the greatest Stargazer who ever walked Heaven and Earth-and realize that their grim destinies have been intertwined since before the rise of the vampires. He is known as The Prince of Shadows or simply The Centurion. And he once drank the blood of a god incarnate on Earth, and gained the powers of infinity. As fate unravels before him like a bloody tapestry, Byron Solsbury will realize that not only Earth hangs in the balance...but reality itself.


Miguel Conner
Paperback | 338 pages
152 x 229 x 18mm | 454g
Publication date
19 Jan 2012
Aeon Byte Press
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