The Art of the Knuckle Sandwich : Learning to Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down.


What does a knuckle sandwich have to do with overcoming depression? Hint: It is not what you think... In 2006, the author ventured across the United States while trying to remain one step ahead of his dark and depressing past. At the age of seventeen, the darkness had caught up with him, while being faced with a life or death decision one cold Northern Michigan evening a voice told him to keep going. Years later, the rut continued so he made a frantic decision to make a drastic change in his life. Determined to find the life that had eluded him, he set out on an adventure that would change his life forever. Tormented by failures of his past, he meets influential people along the route that teaches him to re-frame his past and to let go. The meshing together of lessons learned from the open road and the rewriting of his history all culminate in pulling the author out from his darkness. The lesson of the "knuckle sandwich" is profound enough to stay with you for a lifetime. QUOTES FROM THE BOOK "A picture says a thousand words, but a simple picture doesn't tell the whole story. Everybody loves to judge others based on their choices, but they forget to look at the options they had to choose from." "Some of our lives worst tragedies come from people who allow a negative situation to infect their life. You cannot let life disfigure your perceptions. By holding onto hatred and bitterness you are allowing life to hold you down. Let go." "They make you become a person that is different from which you intend to be. Who you were disappears and your mind gets clouded by these powerful emotions." OVERALL THEMES Overcoming depression Becoming significant with what you have. Restoring HOPE Never giving up Practicing kindness Finding FAITH WHO CAN BENEFIT? People with depression People experiencing grief Young Adults Teachers Parents Lost souls REVIEW SNIPPETS "This book will prove to help many and will save lives!" -Carol F. "This is a great book! I read it in one day because I couldn't sit it down!" -Kristin T. "This book is a must read for all. The positive message it sends is inspirational!" -Brenda


MR Ricky M Hansen Jr
Paperback | 126 pages
127 x 203 x 8mm | 145g
Publication date
01 Feb 2013
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform