The Monkey Endgame : Be Careful What You Wish for


What happens if socialists get everything they want? What's the endgame? Political correctness makes us hesitate to speak for fear of offending someone and being marked as a hater. All we want is a rational discussion about things that affect our freedom and opportunities. The first Rule Monkeys understand the enormous responsibility entrusted to them by common monkeys. The new nation works and all are happy. Then, things change. Little Sani Dom ekes out a living with his fishing net. He sees discontent among the towns folk. Tension escalates and word of a secret meeting spreads. At the meeting, a wise old monkey provides some answers. But are these the answers the monkeys want to hear? "By logically imagining the consequences of given actions and behaviors, this simple story vaccinates the reader's mind against involuntary acceptance of liberal mandates."-From the Introduction of The Monkey Endgame (see the Look Inside feature.)Who is this book for?It's for the young adult looking for relatable-and dare I say it fun-political fiction.It's for parents who believe part of parenting involves schooling their children in the ways of politics. Use it to open a dialogue with your young adult about the nature of politics without boring them to death. You can even use the story to explore current events.It's for the parent concerned about the future freedom and opportunity left to their young adult.It's for young adults and teens wishing to avoid the social pitfalls of political correctness when discussing liberal arguments that affect their future. It' for anyone wishing to challenge the endless liberal messages and media bias that constantly push invasive government control.It's for teens who wonder about their own political affiliation. "Am I a young Republican or Democrat?" - and most importantly - "Why?"It's for young adults who already identify as conservatives, particularly with respect to socialist policies and the U.S. Constitution.What is The Monkey Endgame?It's approachable political fiction for young adults.Although it stands as a complete story on its own, it's also the first book in an upcoming political fiction book series called Freedom Sleeps.It's a book that awakens you to the countless biased messages you suffer from sources like the news, school, text books, TV shows, commercials and more.It's a story that explores false compassion and political misdirection.It's political fiction that addresses government corruption.It's a teen fable about government, society, and Rule Monkeys!Other QuestionsIt's a short story. Why? - Good question. The story is long enough to explore major monkey mistakes, but short enough to remain interesting and understandable.Why is a book for young adults illustrated? - There are a couple reasons for including illustrations. First, the illustrations reinforce that this is not our world. We can talk honestly about cause and effects in the monkey nation, because no one will be offended. Second, illustrations are fun for any age - and these illustrations by Zack Demirtshyan draw the reader deep into the monkey world. Third, this is a fable of sorts, and fables need illustrations!Can I read some of the content? - Absolutely! Please see the "Look Inside" feature above. The included section here will give you a better understanding of the content."The Monkey Endgame draws its own conclusions in story form, but you don't have to agree with them. The point is for young minds to think for themselves rather than accept media bias as fact."


Dr David Walker
Paperback | 62 pages
152 x 229 x 4mm | 106g
Publication date
10 Nov 2016
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